You might be hating your ‘job’ right now

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I might be wrong but right about now it might be very very hard to remember that you love your sport. It might be impossible to think that it’s fun.

Your off season was short to non-existent, your training has been harder than ever before, the level of competition is incredible and you may feel like the consequence of it all is unreal. Selection, qualification, ranking.

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Happy New Year!

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2010!!! FINALLY!!!       2010? ALREADY!!!!     WOW!

It’s been a year now that I’ve been sending out messages – adding emails as they come to me… Thank you for being an incredible audience—you all inspire me to look for the little messages that surround us and resonate somehow.

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“Can I? Will I?” moments

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Here are a few things that I believe in. I speak about them regularly.

v  There is no joy overachieving on mediocre goals.

v  Stress is the spice of life. It simply means we care about what we are doing. (Anxiety is what occurs when we are not prepared).

v  In the pursuit of anything of value, we will be presented with at least one “Can I? Will I?” moment.  At that moment we have three choices:

  1. Quit. Be overwhelmed by the task. Assign blame and responsibility to others.
  2. Give up control; contribute nothing more, nothing less. Let the finish line come to you: Close your eyes and pray for the end.
  3. Attack.  Push into your fears with your eyes wide open. Accept that you are both in control AND in unknown territory.
  • If you quit once you are cracked, if you quit twice you are broken and have taught yourself to be a quitter.
  • If you give up control of the outcome and let it come to you, you will find yourself filled with remorse.  Thoughts of “I wish I would have…” will linger with you like a bad smell.
  • If you attack – everything is possible.  If you attack – you still cannot guarantee the outcome, but you can feel great about your effort. Continue reading

Know what you can expect and you have the power to control how you feel about it.

December has arrived and I’ve got a couple of extra things to say… Here is the first of 3 December messages you are doing well,

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out !


Vanoc has done studies… observations let’s say… of the weather in February and how the schedule of events would have played out over the last few years.  Last year, there would have been only a couple of minor delays with all events getting off on the correct day. The year before, there were a few more delays and a few events would have been postponed to another day but the Games would have finished on time.  This is not upsetting information- it is simply stats and comparisons.  It gives us an idea of what could possibly happen, but we know, it will likely be different.

In the same way the COC has looked at the results from last year’s World Championships Continue reading