When is it not Now?

Salut! Hi everyone…

Hope January was a great month for everyone… so much happened!

Three thoughts for this note… TIME being the central topic.

1)     The Super Bowl was this past weekend.  I’m sure many of you were not able to watch what turned out to be a great game. The Arizona Cardinals were in the process of making the largest comeback in the game’s history.  They came from 17 points back to be leading the game 23-20 with only 2.5 minutes to go. The quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers then orchestrated a very purposeful drive that resulted with a phenomenal toes-just-barely-touching-catch to win the game. When asked immediately after the game what he said to the guys to begin the drive the quarterback simply said, “It’s now or Never”.

This ties in with a speaker I heard the other day,  Eckhart Tolle.  He spoke about how the mind likes to clutter ‘Now’ with thoughts of the past and the future.  That we can so easily miss the opportunity to be present because of our wandering mind. (I am SO guilty of this!)  Continue reading