It is not the time, it is the effort that allows you to dream big.

La version française suit.

I like to send these messages out at the beginning of each month – sorry that this one was delayed. I’m pretty proud of a trip I just took to Kenya and Tanzania with some high school girls from the East  Scarborough (Toronto area).  We put 11 girls up to their first “Can I? Will I?” moment – There really are some incredible kids out there!!  (  )

Very cool that your medals have now been presented to the World.  A unique design for what will be your unique efforts!!!

Today’s message is a bit about perspective.

It is not the time, it is the effort that allows you to dream big. If you go to almost any gym across Canada you will see people who train regularly.  You will even find people there twice a day; hours a day. They sweat, they groan (Marathon runners and triathletes are particularly crazy and time committed).  They have families and jobs – sport is simply their passion and hobby.  They put in TIME, lots of it.  What makes you unique is the EFFORT: it has to be.  Just the TIME is not enough, and I know you all know that… but putting all this TIME in sport does not make you some martyr to your sport or the Olympic cause. TIME doesn’t make you special- there really are normal people putting in more TIME than some full time athletes.  (That’s okay.) Putting in TIME does not give anyone the right to dream big.  Putting in consistent EFFORT does. Being professional and somewhat visionary about the way you put in EFFORT allows you to dream big.

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