For Olympic champion Marnie McBean, the proof is in the medals

Athlete shares how wanting more can fuel the path to success

by Jules Torti, Special to the Vancouver Sun (Link to article here)

The Power of More

By Marnie McBean, foreword by Steve Nash

Greystone Books, Douglas & McIntyre, 257 pages

If anyone is entitled to writing about achieving goals, it would be a three-time Olympic rowing champion with three gold and one bronze medal as testament. In The Power of More, Marnie McBean translates her infectious energy into a book that is the equivalent of verbal Red Bull.

There is an instant pep rally momentum to her easily digestible subtitle: “How small steps can help you achieve big goals.” We are introduced to the mental physique of a retired athlete who has already proven her physical endurance — and her continued high-octane enthusiasm to be better and more is contagious. Humbling anecdotal moments where McBean admits nearly quitting, failure, disillusionment and frustration quickly level the playing field. She’s normal, she’s human. Continue reading

Marnie McBean – Promoting girls’ rights around the World!

Now Marnie McBean promotes girls’ rights worldwide! Photo, courtesy of Because I Am a Girl

article in Canadian by Donna Paris Aug 18, 2012

(link to Canadian Living site )

Marnie McBean is one of our most inspiring Canadians – yes, she’s a rowing champion and one of our favourite Olympians, but now she’s also championing girls’ rights globally with Because I Am a Girl.

Now Marnie McBean promotes girls’ rights worldwide! Photo, courtesy of Because I Am a Girl

This past summer, she acted as an official mentor for the Canadian Olympic team. She’s featured in our October issue of Canadian Living, but when our intern Erin Morawetz interviewed her she had so much to say, we thought we’d tell you a bit more about Marnie, her mentoring ways, her new book, The Power of More, and her memories of each of her Olympic Games.

Because if there’s one thing that Marnie does well – other than row, that is – it’s inspire. Continue reading