Today is today. Make it a good one!

Many years ago I saw Eckhart Tolle speak – it was a very unique experience. The audience, as requested, welcomed him with our “thundering presence” (no applause) and listened to his ideas on new age thinking. The premise of his presentation has always stuck with me – “It’s never not now”.

As he talked about this he challenged us to stay in the “now” with him, to listen to him – now. Wow… my brain started thinking of all the times in the past that I hadn’t done this, all the times I’d missed details of conversation that I was in because it triggered a memory in the past. Yikes! I was in the past, not with Eckhart now. I got back to listening and started thinking how I could apply this in future conversations and – yikes! I’d left the ‘now’ again! It was as if I had used one of the theatre’s glowing “exit” signs to leave the room. I had to focus to get back and stay back in the now. My brain needed some training to stay in the now! (It always will.)

Live in this moment. The past and the future have no depth compared to right now. So be aware of them, reflect on one and plan for the other, but be in the now. Focus on now. Make the most of your now.

Today will be what you make it. It is your story, and how it’s written depends on how you choose your perspective for seeing it. (Sort of a cup half full or half empty kind of thing… )

So – it’s a good day to have a good day right? Why couldn’t it be?!