Your want-to sweet spot

It’s getting so close. You’ve done so much work, been through so much, dreamt for so long. Your Olympic goal is just around the corner and you just want it so badly. But be aware of wanting success so much that you cross over to feeling like you have to be successful. Feeling like you have to achieve is a very difficult place to perform from.

Right about now – less than 60 days until it all begins – is sometimes a difficult time to remember that you love what you do and that it’s mostly fun. It’s been an unusually long year with higher training volume and intensity coupled with all the consequences of selection and qualification. With summer racing and competitions in full swing – we become fully aware that there are very few second chances left. Add to that the almost constant hum of expectations from our family, the media and sponsors that are ever present, whether we are focusing on them or not. But remember, nobody wants or expects more from you than you – this is your ride! You’ve earned it and more importantly – you are ready for it. Continue reading