Motivation is like a Puppy (a second look)

Recently I was in Whistler BC on a ski vacation and ran into Alexa Loo, a 2x Olympic Snowboarder (2006, 2010), a CPA and now Member of City Council for Richmond BC. It was awesome to see her again, she is doing great work for her community. She reminded me of a message that I had shared with the Olympic team back in 2009. I love with this happens… a) it’s very flattering to hear that a message had such a long lasting impact – and b) it’s just fun to have ideals like this brought back to the top of the pile! In a nut shell – as you work on improving – don’t get stuck focussing on only the things you aren’t doing … be proud of what you are doing, work on that, build on that. Be motivated by what you can do, AND be motivated by the desire to do the things that you can’t (yet!) do. hmmm… maybe this is where my thoughts on focusing on your “Done List” started?!! Here it is again….

Apparently getting motivated and inspired is easy. Staying motivated and inspired… that’s the hard part!

Off-season training is a back-to-basics time; lots and lots of volume designed to build and support your strength and fitness. If you get much intensity (fun!), it comes on the back of lots of the volume and fatigue, often making the effort feel sluggish and heavy. But this is not the time to go mindlessly through the motions – it is a prime opportunity to break bad habits and entrench new efficient motions. But we all know this is easier said than done.

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Post Games – You are…

Bonjour à tous.
un petit mot de ma part et je suis désolé de dire que notre traducteur est en vacances. Mon français amélioré au cours du dernier mois, mais malheureusement pas assez pour écrire mon message en français. s’il vous plaît prétexte que c’est en anglais seulement.

So… got your laundry done?  Or still staring at the pile? After some epic days in February I’m sure some of you were hoping for calm and quiet in March- so many years turning your body into a machine and then, as if it were the next event- you wrecked ‘em!!!  Good work!

Some of you are still mid season and trying to refocus and …. Breathe and compete.  That must be nice; something clear to focus on.  Use it as a great way to decompress and give balance.  Give it 100% of what you’ve got – whatever that may be – attack and be proud. Continue reading

Focus on Games vs Competition

french version follows

Wow. It’s pretty easy to get caught in wow. I’ve been to both villages and they are amazing. The volunteers are so keen to help – particularly Canada and I’ve heard from some of you that the venues are very … wow.

That is the Olympic Games.

Please remember, as I’m sure you are, to focus on the Olympic Competition. This is about SPORT, you are here for that. Breathe in the Games, then focus on the Competition.

You are ready.


Jeux olympiques et compétition olympique


Wow. C’est facile de se laisser emporter. J’ai visité les deux villages, et ils sont tout simplement merveilleux. Les bénévoles sont désireux d’aider – particulièrement le Canada – et j’ai entendu certains d’entre vous dire que les sites sont … wow.

C’est ça, les Jeux olympiques.

Rappelez-vous – je suis sûre c’est le cas déjà – de vous concentrer sur la compétition olympique. Cela concerne le SPORT, et c’est la raison pour laquelle vous êtes là. Profitez bien des Jeux, mais concentrez-vous sur la compétition.

Vous êtes prêts.