Games versus Competition

The PanAm Games are about to begin. They are the 2nd largest multi-sport event after the Summer Olympics. Almost 800 Canadians will be in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta with you, trying to achieve personal bests, win PamAm medals, set records and earn Olympic Qualification spots. (To be exact, 796 total = 97 coaches+137 support team+ 67 mission team+ 493 athletes).

You are ready.

At the Pan Ams you can draw from the energy and experience of the incredible Canadian team around you; you may learn something from them, and they may learn from you. There will always be something to do, somewhere to explore, someone to talk to and a competition to watch. These sources of inspiration can also be distracting. Be smart.

A multi-sport Games environment can be at the same time incredibly inspiring and motivating as well as challenging. Continue reading