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In her keynotes, Marnie McBean does for corporate audiences what she does for top-level athletes: she draws on a lifetime of personal excellence to help teams achieve their goals.

In a frank, effortless manner, she shares the goal-ACHIEVING techniques she used to become one of Canada’s most successful athletes ever.

Marnie’s Impact

York Region Rapid Transit:

Many staff dropping by my office and catching me in the hall-they are “buzzed” from your session with them this morning-they have expressed how proud they are to work here, how appreciated they feel in our belief in them, that there is so much more they can do and are tingling with the messages. Thank you so much Marnie-you nailed it-see you again soon!

Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboraties:

Thanks you for sharing your inspiring perspective and story with us! You have a wonderful ability to connect with your audience and have provided my team with a unique glimpse into the mind of a champion.

General Mills Canada:

Marnie had so much to add to our conference!  Right from the kick off dinner on the Sunday through her key note on Tuesday, it was an absolute pleasure to have her with us.

She was able to clearly connect with anyone at any time – can genuinely build on anyone’s conversation, asks questions, and adds levity to any situation.

Many commented on how well prepared she was for the key note – heard some comments on how well her key note integrated with our conference theme and how well she integrated our theme into her key note.  That she & one of our key training partners went out of their way to compare notes says a lot. Her key note was a fantastic combination of content and delivery – pizzazz & punch to top it all off.

When we mentioned we had a copy of her book for each employee, Marnie went above and beyond and volunteered to sign each copy – she truly lives “the power of more”.  There was a buzz in the crowd!

She really had an impact!

Examples of Marnie’s presentations

New! Keynote: Start Happy Finish Happy

How do you keep the “fun” in a long career? As we progress through a career–the joy of achievement, learning and ‘winning’ starts to get nudged out by expectations.

Marnie McBean looks back at the nine Olympic Games she’s been involved in, and the lessons and impact that they’ve left her with, perhaps one of the top being that, “you can’t finish happy if you don’t try to start happy.”  In this talk, Marnie describes the four key elements to starting happy, using relevant and interesting examples to elucidate her points and give audience key and immediately implementable takeaways to start on the path to personal success:

1. Be aware of your “done” list     
2. Don’t wait to start hard conversations.     
3. Use the expectation of change and challenge as a weapon.
4. Know that you are the somebody that you’ve been waiting for.
video clip of Start Happy Finish Happy

Keynote: The Power of More

How Small Steps Help Us Achieve Big Goals

McBean’s ideas regarding performance — rigorously tested and proven — pave a path for the preparation, communication and teamwork that are essential to winning in any competitive environment. With anecdotes and hard-earned wisdom, she connects with audiences as a real person, and leaves them with a framework for success that transcends sports — one that can be applied to any competitive endeavour.

Her role in the preparation and execution of the Vancouver Games was a crucial one; and she takes just as seriously each of her keynotes, in which she helps your team do what she has done, time and again: turn potential into outstanding performance.

Keynote: Be a Career Champion

Training to Win on the Bad Days Too

In sport and life fluke’s count but relying on them is an anxious bet. Career Champions are the ones who manage to succeed in any condition; almost despite the system or environment. Marnie has been around a countless number of champions and has noticed a constant thread. In her casual yet methodical style, this career champion shares some of the insightful secrets with her trademark humour. In the end it’s about two things; being ready for the bad days and choice.

Keynote: Our Hidden Impact

The Impact of Effective Mentoring, Teaching and Leadership isn’t Always Obvious

There are some lessons that are taught that require objective measurement; improving test scores and performance but there are many areas where leaders, teachers and mentors have an impact that aren’t. We can’t measure growth in confidence, focus, values or commitment and yet improvement in these areas tends to give us the greatest satisfaction. As a mentor to Olympians, Marnie takes no credit for the performance of the athletes, but knows the importance of being part of their preparation.

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    One thought on “The Speaker

    1. I was at the ETFO conference where you spoke. By far the best speaker I have ever seen. The mix of humour, inspiration and understanding left me awestruck. We could not stop thinking about your message to be that somebody! I am on a journey to get healthy by being more active once and for all!

      Thank you Marnie!
      You are somebody, my inspiration.

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