Here we go

Perspective is a simply a state of mind. If you think it’s hard then it is, and if you think you are alone then you are.

Almost every one of you has a team mate who you respect who didn’t make it. Someone who worked all year beside you, gave so much in pursuit of this dream and… in the ‘almost end’- couldn’t come up with enough to punch their ticket.  This part of my message is for them – and is from them.

One of those people- who had been in a legitimate position for the last two years to think that going to the2010 Olympics could be a reality but ended up on the wrong side of a qualification line -recently sent me a note and signed off like this:

“I hope it’s all that I dreamed it would be! And I will be rooting for all the Canadians!!!! GO CANADA!”

When things get hard remember them. Carry these people with you; honor them as they believe in you and your shared dream.  Let them hold you up- and you are never alone.

Here we go…!

By now you should have:

  • Changed the voice mail message on your phone to “Thank for calling – sorry I’m not able to answer right now (I’m busy at the Olympics J ) . If this is regarding a media or appearance request please call (put your team’s media attachés name and number here). I will not be responding personally to those types of requests until March.”
    • You could also consider directing people to a Facebook, a  blog or team site for news and updates.
  • Assigned a member of your family as your “Family Captain”.  This should be the person you are comfortable calling, giving them updates and connections, and someone who can plan and organize the rest of your family.
  • Sent to me your top three picks for other sports – we’ll ask you one more time when you arrive at the Olympic Village.
  • Suggested a name for the moose in the Vancouver or Whistler Villages

Don’t let go of the beautiful focus state that you’ve built yourself into. If you get to go home… be careful; blend being relaxed with the same type of uncluttered focus you keep when you are away in Europe or elsewhere.  Before leaving for Vancouver, all of my friends and family wanted a chunk of time… coffee, dinner, etc… I didn’t have as many windows of time as they wanted.  Now is not the time to be generous with your time… March is!!

See you in a few days!!!



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