Post Games – You are…

Bonjour à tous.
un petit mot de ma part et je suis désolé de dire que notre traducteur est en vacances. Mon français amélioré au cours du dernier mois, mais malheureusement pas assez pour écrire mon message en français. s’il vous plaît prétexte que c’est en anglais seulement.

So… got your laundry done?  Or still staring at the pile? After some epic days in February I’m sure some of you were hoping for calm and quiet in March- so many years turning your body into a machine and then, as if it were the next event- you wrecked ‘em!!!  Good work!

Some of you are still mid season and trying to refocus and …. Breathe and compete.  That must be nice; something clear to focus on.  Use it as a great way to decompress and give balance.  Give it 100% of what you’ve got – whatever that may be – attack and be proud. Continue reading