Yes AND… Simon’s note

On the heels of this year’s Olympic Excellence Series, I’d like to once again send out my thanks to everyone who attended.  100 athletes +  120 coaches and staff from 16 sports arrived and it really felt like 1 team left.  You are Passionate, Ready, Resilient, Confident and United. (Passionnée, Prête, Resiliente, confiante, et unie).

From Ray Zahab’s “no limits” message – the audacity of a smoker believing he could cross a continent worth of sand!, Sylvie’s realization that sometimes humans really do need to be shaken up – because you CAN is not enough; You have to WANT it – badly.  Both of them spoke of staying focused on your commitment to ‘self’ and the journey – that looking, and going, forward was the only option.

Johann’s understanding of the self instructions of the ‘short true sentences’ that only we hear – how powerful was that!! His acceptance of a being a team member who’s role was to make the athletes around him stronger is what made him a 4 time Olympic Gold medallist (3 in front of a Home crowd).

The freshness of Adam’s message was evident as he spoke. Continue reading