That was then, this is now. And a Thank you.

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It’s April 2021. There are 130 days until the Tokyo 2020 Closing Ceremony. (Being part of 10 Olympic teams has taught me to stay focused on when I’m done versus when I’m starting).

Recently there has been a lot of media coverage regarding the one-year anniversary of the postponement of the Olympic Games. That moment has been acknowledged and now we move on. That was then; this is now. It’s time to be laser-focused on the year we’re having. (Last year was sooo 2020). There was also the announcement that no overseas spectators will be allowed. We recognize that this may be a great disappointment for you, your family and friends and that unravelling those plans might be stressful before everything is sorted out. Be patient.  

If I could – I would add a t-shirt to our uniform that says, Complicated…but! as this phrase seems to be part of everyone’s answer to “How’s it going?” I am very aware that many things remain complicated… but! every day you are moving forward – closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
(Pro tip -That’s all you need to do.)

Within a few weeks we will cross the 100-day marker until the Games begin. Olympic things are happening every day. For example; the Tokyo 2020 Playbooks have been released (another version will be released at the end of this month), the Olympic Torch Relay has begun in Japan, and Canadian athletes are being nominated to the team (in March – our sailors and sport climbers). You’re getting there very differently than anyone could have ever planned…but I have no doubt that you will be surprised by how strong you are, and how ready you will be.

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