See You Soon / À bientôt

So… was October a trick or a treat?!

This note is going out specifically to those who have been invited to the Olympic Excellence Series (OES) meeting Nov 18-20th in Toronto. Most of you have replied… deadline is November 4th so please take the time to RSVP ASAP

With each OES we learn. We listen to your feedback and try to make the next one fit your needs even better. Some of you want more speakers, lots of activity, more interaction with each other; some of you want the complete opposite! We specifically tailor many of the sessions to different groups in attendance: athletes, coaches and team leaders, mental performance consultants, HST practitioners and media attachés.

Like past OES meetings, many successful Canadian Olympians have agreed to come and share their incredible stories with you; their mistakes, their successes and their inspirations. Continue reading