Canada Owns a Podium

Alex, Jenn and Kristina have now paved the way on every step of the Podium for you to follow and we heard the whole city of Vancouver cheer.

I wanted to take a moment to put down some of the words that were shared with those who were able to attend the pep rally before the Opening Ceremonies by 6 incredible people.

Today is a special day. This is a special time.

Nathalie Lambert

The Olympics are about what you can do.

Steve Podborski

The Inukshuk was designed originally to give direction to hunters and travelers for their survival. You have been on a long road and the Inukshuk of this Games gives you direction. But do not underestimate the fact that you are now Inukshuk to a generation of Canadians.

Joé  Juno

You are out of this world. You are the rocket!

Julie Payette

Do not be afraid of your Eureka Moment. That moment where you realize that Somebody has to win AND   — WHY NOT YOU.   You are ready.

Mark Tewksbury      ( if you want video of his Beaver Cheer!!! I’ve got that too)

Clara wrapped up by holding up a flag and saying – “This is US”.  She spoke of the opportunity to be the Inukshuk that Joé spoke about to inspire the next generation to do what is possible. She spoke of the opportunity to use that as fuel.

Clara Hughes


You marched into Vancouver and in Whistler with pride and confidence. You are resilient and passionate. You are united and ready.


Il n’y as pas du traduction. Je suis desole



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