The Best Answer

This month, my theme is about letting yourself expect big things. Selection, qualification and just the pure volume of training that you are going through can be simultaneously terrifying and thrilling. Be smart, push yourself, and prepare yourself more than you ever have before. Put yourself into a position where you have earned enough confidence so that you can expect to win.

When people find out that someone has been to the Olympics, right after their very wide-eyed and respectful “Really? Cool!!” they get asked, “How did you do?” I find that people may be bold or shy, but they are always curious and they almost always ask.

A few years ago, I was on vacation in Brazil, kayaking with a group, most of whom I didn’t know. They didn’t know about my sport background, and I wasn’t really giving them any more info on me than was required. After a few days, the group had learned that my sport of choice was rowing and that I had rowed for my university and even for my National team.

Having discovered that I had rowed for Canada one guy asked if I’d ever gone to the Olympics. I think he was asking it as a follow-up question, maybe even a joke. I don’t think he expected me to say yes- after all – who knows people who get to go to the Olympics! He was surprised and impressed when I said yes, and I could see that it was there – the follow up question. I could also see that he was struggling with how to politely ask. He started with, “What place did…” but then re-phrased his question to, “How did you do?” Continue reading