Bubble Wrap and Priorities

A few months ago I went up against Canadian Heptathlete, Jessica Zelinka in the filming one of the CTV “How Tough is This Sport” segments. I immediately went home and signed up at a gym. My aerobic fitness wasn’t bad, but with each humiliating event that Jessica schooled me, my strength and particularly core strength were exposed – as missing.

The local gym I signed up at is actually a boxing gym in my neighbourhood. I’ve known the owner, Wayne Bourque, for years; I would often wave as I’d run by; until now. I didn’t need help with going for a run, but I’ll admit that I’ve greatly appreciated having a trainer/bully keep me accountable to working my core again. (There is a point here… stay with me!)

Wayne is just over 50 and he’s got a great family and a solid business; he’s happy. He also has a ‘What if?’ that has hung over him for almost 30 years. Wayne, from Fort McMurray, was on track for the 1984 Olympic team and had gone to Calgary to train for the Olympic Trials. Continue reading