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 Okay.. So this is kind of a dream! I have to admit – every time I go into Chapters/Indigo I look at the “Heather’s Picks” and dream… wouldn’t it be awesome to see The Power of More there. Every time I walk through the airport I look at the books that are on sale and wonder, ‘How do I get there?’

So recently – after returning from a vacation – and going through the pile of emails that collected while away – I’m left wondering – Is this one a joke?! For sure I always hoped that one of these emails that I receive from Indigo would one day mention The Power of More … on-line only – but it finally happened!

This hit my inbox on March 22, 2013 and it’s so awesome! These other books are huge!


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Discussing Goal Achieving with Kathleen Petty


On Feb. 20th I was on CBC Radio’s ‘Ontario Today’ with host Kathleen Petty. Following a discussion of the challenges of achieving goals the phone lines were open for callers to weigh in with their goal achieving paths. I had a tonne of fun and was so impressed by the diversity of challenges and goals that people called in to share.

Olympian Marnie McBean on Achieving Goals

CBC Radio’s Ontario Today interviewed three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and Athlete Mentor for the Canadian Olympic Team Marnie McBean about her recently published book, The Power of More: How Small Steps Can Help You Achieve Big Goals, and how she achieved her own.

Setting new goals and keeping your New Year resolutions



Putting a medal on a cat might seems way easier than putting jam on one – but the ‘jam’ has to come first!

After a conversation with Matt Galloway, the host of CBC Radio’s Metro Morning ( Toronto, RadioOne) a podcast of our conversation and this article was posted on CBC Books web site. Their title is partly right… but the truth of the “Jammed Cat” is that it helps anyone achieve any goal, big or small. In no way is the Power of More about Olympic size goals only.

How to win an Olympic medal with a jammed cat

Three-time Canadian Olympic gold-medalist Marnie McBean knows it’s a weird concept. But she can’t help comparing her journey to becoming Canada’s most successful summer Olympic athlete to a cat slathered in jam.

One day, McBean’s jam-covered piece of toast fell, she told Metro Morning. Of course, the toast fell jam side down. It always does. Most people, would make a new piece of toast, but McBean started wondering if there was any way to stop the open-faced sandwich from falling that way.
“What happens if you put jam on the back of a cat and you dropped it?” she said. “It would never land … like a perpetual motion type of machine.” Continue reading

The Art of Leadership: Love It or Hate It


Last week, Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) announced that Mike Spracklen, an internationally renowned rowing coach would no longer be part of its coaching staff and it has put most rowers, and those who follow rowing, into one of two camps. You either think it is a good thing, or a terrible thing; it is very difficult to be in the middle.

Mike Spracklen has had a brilliant career as a coach and is passionate about the movement and effort of rowing. His thoughts and directions to his crews often sound poetic. He is an artist and like most art – discussion of it can be very polarizing.

The situation leads me to remember a play I saw in London a few years ago called Art. It was a one-act play – a kind of British-Seinfeld discussion where one of the three characters had recently purchased a very expensive piece of art. With great pride he showed his beloved new painting to his best friend who absolutely hated it. “It is a white paining with white diagonal stripes. How could you possibly have spent so much money on such a thing?” The comical yet heated play that followed discussed how they could remain friends if they were so opposite on whether this was art or not. Continue reading