2012 is Finally Here

Happy 2012!

I always remember something special about New Year’s Eve before an Olympic year. My resolutions and wishes all had to do with me being ready to kick ass at the upcoming Games! I also remember the impact of knowing that it’s finally the Olympic year—the dream is so close! It is amazing and scary all at the same time. What a rush!

How far you’ve come…

One of the things that I found really interesting at the OES was the strength of the five words that were chosen. The group in attendance was asked “How do you want to be seen –by competitors, teammates and family—when you walk into the Opening Ceremony, into the Olympic village and into your sports venue in London? How do you want to feel?” You and your teammates selected some very powerful, confident words.

Proud ~ Unbreakable ~ World Class ~ Fierce ~ Relentless

Four years ago the words that were chosen by a similar group for the 2008 Team were more inclusive and supportive. Professional, Tenacious, United, Genuinely Respectful, Supportive.

Can you see the difference in tone of the words!? While I believe that you will still be caring and united; the strong and competitive words that resonate with you and your peers now lead me to believe that the Canadian Team is on the cusp of doing something unique in 2012.

2012 is your year.  You are on a path to have your best summer ever.

I’m sure you had a good time celebrating the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. I hope that you are near friends and family, but I expect that there is training to be done and work to do. Have fun with your ambitions and all the hard work that comes with them. The journey that you are on is a privilege.  One day –if not already—you will understand that it is the best gift ever.

Best wishes for an amazing New Year,

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