You are ready

There isn’t much more that I’d like to say to you before the London 2012 Olympics except that you are ready.  For over a year I’ve been sending notes out with the intention of helping you to collect new ‘tools’ or to sharpen the ones that you already possess. These tools will take you into your Olympic experience with all the confidence and swagger that you have trained so hard for. Trust in all the work that you have done- you are ready.When you arrive in London you will see people who you consider heroes of sport, whether they are from your sport or others, and they will be in peak condition. The stage that you are about to enter is huge, everyone will be in new uniforms surrounded by professional support staff helping them to gain every advantage. Do not think for one second that you don’t belong.
For countless years you’ve likely been watching video of your performances with a very critical eye- looking to find even the tiniest flaws so that you can improve. Do not fall prey to the trap of going to the Games seeing yourself only critically and putting those around you on a pedestal. You are as ready as everyone you see. To my very core I believe that normal people are the ones that do extraordinary things. As Mark Tewksbury said to himself “Why not me?”, do not hesitate to ask the same of yourself. You are ready to be one of those heroes of sport too. You will wear the Canadian Olympic Team uniform and be surrounded by coaches, trainers, doctors, physio & massage therapists, nutritionists, (regardless of if they stand beside you in London or not). They are best-in-class professionals who have helped you gain every advantage. While I’m sure you still see ‘bits and pieces’ left to do – because that is the nature of high-performers- you are unquestionably ready.
This will be my last email to you  I will be in London as a member of the media – and a devoted fan and supporter to Team Canada. In London, Mark Tewksbury & Sylvie Bernier ( your chef and assistant chef de mission) and Vee Brenner, Jason Myslicki, and Gina Kingsbury (your Athlete Service team) are all Olympians (with a combined total of 7 Olympic medals) who have volunteered their time to ensure that you have your best Games possible.You are so ready. Be proud and have fun with it.It has been a privilege exchanging Olympic preparation thoughts and ideas with you. Thank you. This note and all of my past notes, and my future messages can be found at Stay in touch if you’d like.
Think of this as a talking point; you may agree with me, maybe disagree… It may serve as a heads up or reminder to some ups and downs that are a natural point of believing that you can more than just go, more than just compete, but compete at your very BEST at the Olympics.
My goal will never be to add to your stress, but to help you wear it well.


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