The Month of Wow

This is one crazy month! I’m getting to start it off with an amazing adventure in Italy and then I’ll come home to launch my book. There is a word here for that… fantastico! ( it’s Italian for wow!)

This is my third year being part of the support for an auction item that was sold at the national dinner series, Gold Medal Plates. These dinners which simultaneously raise money (6 Million dollars so far) for Canadian athletes (through Own The Podium and the Canadian Olympic Foundation) and select the Canadian Culinary Champion. They really are unique gala dinners but the auction items are incredibly special opportunities. This one, “Under the Tuscan Sun” has cyclist Curt Harnett, x-country skier Chandra Crawford, and myself cycling around with the guests in the morning and then after everyone has enjoyed a fabulous afternoon / evening of Tuscan wine and food, Barney Bentall and Jim Cuddy entertain everyone in our Relais and Chateau 5-star resorts hotel bar.

The guests are from across the country – NFLD to Vancouver Island – and it’s (as always) an amazing group of curious, creative and active (varying levels for sure!) people. What a treat to be here!

Then…( I can’t believe I get to top that off with a then ! but then I will come home to be joined by a group of family, friends and people who have supported and believed in me as I introduce my book, The Power of More, to the public.

I’ve seen one copy so far. It was almost a tease! The day I was leaving for Italy a single copy arrived and – since it was already promised to someone – I wrote a note in it and happily gave it away.  So, I am here in Italy, looking at pictures of a stack of books that arrived at after I left. Sometimes it’s really hard to believe this is real.

our home while in TuscanySo for now… ciao. The closest to More that I’m getting here in Italy is thinking that every meal that I’ve had hear tasted like more. I think it’s rapidly becoming my favourite flavour!






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