Speaking about Start Happy Finish Happy…


In March, I was part of the Speaker’s Spotlight Showcase, the event tag line is, “Live, Learn, Leave Inspired”. I love this kind of thing! A number of really talented speakers speak on a wide range of topics; each is given 20 minutes – (which for a speaker can kind of be a bit stressful! 20 minutes? Do I hit the fun stuff, or the substance? better yet – how can I cover both!) – and there is so much to learn from everyone. It’s awesome!

It was just after the Sochi Olympics so it’s no surprise that that was where my mind was. I had recently written a blog – Start Happy Finish Happy, and  I went from there.

I’m pretty sure that this talk was the start of a new presentation topic for me – it really is fun and ties in a lot of ideas that I’ve been working on for a long time. Here’s a quick clip..

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